©2007 Analy High School
Centennial Celebration
6950 Analy Avenue
Sebastopol, CA 95472
1908 Analy High School opens. Students attend in temporary classrooms while school is being built.

Total enrollment for Analy High School was 37 students.

J.C. Williamson is named the first principal of Analy High School.
1909 Analy High School building opens.
1910 Analy’s first class graduates. Five class members are awarded their diplomas: Rena Bonham, Marguerite Jewell, Logan Smith, Bright Street, and Charles Wiggins
1911 Analy’s first yearbook is published under the name of “The Pneus”.
1912 Analy’s second yearbook is published as “The Analy Annual”.
1913 Analy’s third yearbook is published as “The Azalea”.
1915 C.E. Van Deventer is named principal of Analy High School.

Block “A” Club is formed.
1918 Analy principal C.E. Van Deventer is drafted into military service. Upon completion of his tour of duty, Van Deventer returns to his native Indiana and does not return to his position at Analy. He is replaced by O.R. Hull as the new principal.
1920 World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Jack Dempsey visits Sebastopol and attends the Analy High School Boxing tournament. Dempsey fights a one-round exhibition with Senior class member Glenn Winkler. Dempsey then serves as a guest referee for the remaining bouts on the card.

The Analy High School Orchestra is formed.
1921 Melrowe Martin is appointed Principal of Analy High School.

The first moving pictures are shown at Analy High School.
1922 Analy High School forms its first football team.
1925 Analy High School adopts the tiger as its mascot.
1926 Future Nobel Prize winner Willard F. Libby graduates from Analy High School.
1927 David M. Durst appointed principal of Analy.
1930 Analy joins numerous schools throughout the United States and forms the Analy Chapter of the Future Farmers of America.
1931 Arthur Shull becomes principal of Analy High School.
1932 Dale LaFranchi pitches a no-hitter for the Analy baseball team, defeating Sonoma High 6-0.
1935 Current Analy High School building is completed.
1939 Charles E. Overman is appointed principal of Analy High School.
1941 Rudy Theiller ’39 is the first Analy graduate to be a casualty of World War II. Theiller is killed aboard the USS Arizona during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Theiller remains entombed on the ship. Theiller’s sacrifice for our country later honored on December 7, 2006 with a plaque affixed to the entrance to Analy High.
1943 Due to wartime conservation measures, the Azalea is not published. Graduates from the Class of 1943 are later pictured in the 1944 Azalea Yearbook.
1944 Analy wins the North Bay League football championship.
1945 Analy wins its second consecutive unlimited Track and Field title.
1946 Lawrence Duffield becomes the new principal of Analy High School upon the retirement of Charles E. Overman.
1949 “B” league boys basketball team won 19 games without a loss and won the North Bay League. Yearbook Dedication: To our National Future Farmer Championship Dairy and Poultry Judging teams, who brought national honors to Analy Union High School.
1950 Lights are installed at Karlson Field and the first night football game is played at Analy High School.
1952 Ag Shop is completed.
1955 Construction on Analy’s present-day gym and cafeteria is completed.
1956 Analy holds its first “Back to School Night”.
1957 Beloved former Analy teacher and football coach Elmer Karlson dies in a commercial fishing accident.

Construction on Analy’s present-day East Wing is completed.
1958 Analy wins the North Bay League football championship posting a perfect 10-0 season under Coach Walt Foster.

Analy’s football field is named “Karlson Field” in honor of former coach Elmer Karlson.
1959 Rock ‘n Roll legend Jerry Garcia enrolls as a junior at Analy High School. Garcia does not finish his senior year at Analy, enlisting in the military. Garcia goes on to fame as the leader of The Grateful Dead.
1960 Analy graduate Willard F. Libby ’26 receives the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work on carbon dating.
1964 Lowell Yeager succeeds Lawrence Duffield as Analy’s principal. Duffield continues his duties as District Superintendent.
1969 Karen Valentine ’65 begins a five year run as the co-star of the ABC series “Room 222”. Karen will receive nominations for both an Emmy and a Golden Globe award for her portrayal of new teacher Alice Johnson on the hit series.
1970 School dress code prohibiting long hair on boys ruled illegal. Pomo Indian tribe member Gordon James involved in civil suit.
1971 Analy’s first wrestling team is formed under coaches Dean Lamb and Bill McKenzie.
1972 Six Analy Interact Club members, Ken Fujii, Ron Langermann, Ken Moylan, Richard Petersen, Alan Ruano, and Clay Stogner, along with Interact Advisor and Analy Vice Principal, Bert Bertoli, participate in a goodwill exchange to Japan.
1974 Analy students stage a walk-out to protest the proposed transfer of Vice-Principal Adolph “Bert” Bertoli to El Molino High School.

Through the efforts of the Sebastopol Rotary Club, stadium-style seating is installed at Karlson Field.
1976 Willard F. Libby Library and Science Building opens on site of the former Girls Gym

First Analy Soccer Team formed featuring Marcus Ziemer of the Ziemer Soccer family.
1981 Analy Graduate and Vice Principal F. Edward Barrett appointed Principal of Analy High School.
1982 Analy High School introduces the first “Advanced Placement” classes.

Analy High School starts the school’s first computer classes.
1986 Analy is named a California Distinguished School for the 1985-86 school year.
1987 A $2,000,000 renovation of the main building of Analy High School is completed. During construction, classes are conducted in portable classrooms.
1992 Principal Ed Barrett retires.

Rosemarie Taylor becomes the first female Principal of Analy.
1993 A fire breaks out in the East Wing of Analy High School in the middle of the night. Members of the Sebastopol Fire Department, including Analy graduates Mike Borges, Bill Braga, Walt Bramwell, Doug Buonaccorsi, Jon Buonaccorsi, Lou Castleberry, Tim Leach, Michael Lewis, Rich Lewis, Russ Ono, Darrel Ramondo, Mike Reeser, Ray Senn, Steve Thibodeau, and Rick Williamson, quickly respond to the scene and made an aggressive attack on the fire limiting the damage to only two classrooms.
1996 Retired Sonoma County administrator Joe Sewell is hired as Analy’s interim principal when Principal Rosemarie Taylor steps down due to illness. Dr. Tom Lorch is later hired that year as Analy’s new principal.
1999 The East Wing is remodeled to create computer labs for classes. Additionally, an modern, all-weather track is installed around the football field.
2000 Long-time Analy teacher and administrator Martin Webb is appointed Principal of Analy High.
2004-2005 Analy Girl's Basketball Team was the only team in the history of Analy to win the SCL.
2006 A ceremony honoring Rudy Theiller ’39 is held on December 7, 2006. Theiller is the first Analy graduate to be a casualty of World War II. Theiller is killed aboard the USS Arizona during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Theiller remains entombed on the ship. A plaque memorializing Theiller’s sacrifice for our country is affixed to the entrance to Analy High.
2008 Analy High School celebrates its Centennial on May 17, 2008. An estimated 5,000 alumni, family and friends attend the celebration.

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